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Pinetop - Lakeside Talk of the Town

Dec 20, 2022

Mayor Stephanie Irwin and Town Manager Keith Johnson discuss - Revitalization of Lakeside - Park Improvements - Pinetop-Lakeside Public Library 

Revitalization of Lakeside – As noted, this was identified as a priority in the Town’s Strategic Plan. Our Community Development Department is working with some of the business owners in the area to address code violations. And, in November, the Town Council approved $50,000 in matching funds as part of a Façade Grant program. Local businesses can apply for funding and the Town will match up to $2,500 to improve the look of existing businesses.

Park Improvements – The Public Works Department has made several major improvements to our town’s recreational facilities. Last summer, both soccer fields at Mountain Meadow Recreation Complex were completed reconstructed and new lights were added to the east soccer field. New soccer goals also have been installed. All buildings at the park have been repainted to give a fresh look. Both baseball fields have new foul poles. At Woodland Lake Park, all structures have new roofs, lighting has been upgraded on all ramadas, the ballfields have new fencing, and a new story walk is in place around the path surrounding the lake. This new amenity was done in partnership with the Pinetop-Lakeside Library. The Town also relocated streetscape artwork from Lakeside to Jack Barker Memorial Park to create easier access for residents and visitors to view the art pieces donated by the Art Alliance of the White Mountains.

Pinetop-Lakeside Public Library - The library received a$107,000 grant from the Arizona Library Association. Seventy percent of the funds went to purchase supplies and materials such as books, computer tables, furniture, gardening supplies and design and printing of materials of the story walk at Woodland Lake Park. The remaining funds were used for prizes, transportation, events and programming and staffing.

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