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Pinetop - Lakeside Talk of the Town

Jul 27, 2023

Listen to Local resident Zack Bates and his mother Rana talk about the process that inspired a movie. 


"Nineteen-year-old Zach Bates told his mother at graduation that he wanted to run a 100-mile ultramarathon before his 20th birthday. Surprised, she reminded him that his farthest cross-country race had only been 5k. Undeterred, he continued to speak his mind and vision to run a 100-mile race before he turned 20. Seeing his determination and knowing her son's unique ability to deeply focus- due to autism- she decided to let him chase his dream.

Follow the journey as Zach trains and prepares to run his first 100-mile ultramarathon at the Coldwater Rumble in Goodyear, AZ."


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