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Pinetop - Lakeside Talk of the Town

Jan 6, 2023

Let’s address some common complaints we receive:

 • Why can’t the drivers NOT leave a berm in front of my driveway as soon as I get done clearing it! Why can’t they turn the blade the other direction?
 • I live on a cul de sac… why can’t the plows clear it better?
 • Why does it take so long to get my road plowed?
 • Why aren’t you ticketing people parked in the road that block my road from being plowed?
 ◦ I know this is more of a PD issue but maybe talk about what a plow driver can and cannot do in this event. 
 • Can you do more to help with the ice on my road?
 • The plow pushes snow that blocks my mailbox.
 • Why don’t you offer the berm removal service anymore?

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