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Out of the Streets of Portland

Apr 17, 2024

Welcome to Out of the Streets of Portland, a podcast focused on sharing the stories of people who are currently or formerly homeless in our community, and helping navigate the systems and services that the Joint Office of Homeless Services and its partners either have in place, or are developing, to help people move out of homelessness and back into stable, supportive housing. 

On this episode of Out of the Streets of Portland, we bring you part one of a two part episode featuring the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault system of care funded and supported by the Joint Office of Homeless Services in Multnomah County.

This system serves Survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking, as well as their children or other dependents. To give an advance warning to our listeners, this episode will contain references to and descriptions of intimate partner violence.

On this episode, we share the story of a woman who we’ll call Jane Doe, a survivor of domestic violence who received support from Joint Office funded providers in Multnomah County. In the next episode of this podcast, we’ll keep the focus on the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault support system, and will speak with some of the providers and staff who help survivors navigate the system to get the help and support they need.

Here are some phone numbers for people who think they may be in a domestic violence situation can call to get some help:

Call to Safety - 503.235.5333 - a 24-hour staffed crisis line for people in the Portland metro area.

En espanol - tenemos un Línea de Crisis 503-232-4448. Es un Línea 24 horas cada dia para las sobrevivientes de violencia doméstica y/o asalto sexual.

Survivors can also call the Gateway Center for Domestic Violence Services during regular business hours at 503-988-6400 for one-on-one support with experienced advocates who will help you develop a personal plan and connect you with other services. 

One of the key values of the Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault is self-determination for survivors. The work is grounded in a “survivor-centered” or “survivor led” service model; recognizing that survivors know best how to meet their own needs. This focus serves to prevent replication of power & control that might resemble that used by an abuser and is one of the most important values of the Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Continuum as a whole.

You can find more information, including how to get assistance with a restraining order, at the Multnomah County website -

This podcast is produced by the Joint Office of Homeless Services, a Multnomah County department with funding from the County, the City of Portland, Metro, and the state and federal governments to house, shelter, and provide street outreach, navigation, employment assistance, assistance obtaining social security income, and case management to people experiencing homelessness in our community.

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