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Out of the Streets of Portland

Apr 11, 2023

The topic for this episode is 'Housing First, Not Housing Only' - featuring Portland professor Dr. Marisa Zapata, the President of the Portland Urban League Nkenge Harmon Johnson, and Juha Kahila of the Y-Foundation in Finland, who talks about the effectiveness of the Housing First strategy in Finland.

And we share the story of T., who grew up in St. Louis and Portland before experiencing homelessness for over two years. She’s now back in stable housing thanks to support from the Urban League, the Joint Office of Homeless Services, and the evidence-based Housing First practice.


Nkenge Harmon Johnson: 3:33 - 4:00

T. sharing her story: 4:48 - 16:47

Dr. Marisa Zapata: 18:18 - 28:39

Juha Kahila: 29:00 - 35:48