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Progressive Podcast Australia

Jun 27, 2015

- On this episode were joined by Dr Tim Dymond who speaks about Unionists for Refugees and APHEDA the Australian Council of Trade Unions overseas humanitarian aid program. - We discuss the recent racially-motivated terrorist attack in South Carolina and we link the language used by the shooter to the racist Reclaim Australia movement in Australia. - We also take on Reclaim Australias hijacking of progressive causes and their fake concern for feminism, animal rights and queer rights. - Call in culture versus call out culture. - Who is to blame for animal exploitation? - Our very first Progressive Podcast Australia meet up. Wednesday July 8 at 6.30pm at Smith & Daughters 175 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne RVSP by July 3. - Debunking the idea of being socially progressive but economically conservative. - For more information on this episode and for links to all of the stories and clips from it, go to: