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Progressive Podcast Australia

Feb 28, 2016

- On this episode we speak out in defence of Safe Schools, a program designed to increase awareness of queer issues in schools and reduce the bullying faced by queer kids. - This program is currently under attack from homophobic, transphobic and all round queerphobic assholes, some of who are politicians such as Senator Cory Bernadi, leading to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull approving an investigation into Safe Schools. - We encourage people to contact your current/previous school and thank them for having the program if they do or encourage them adopt the program if they dont have it yet. - Further discussion on activism for refugees. - The importance of not just letting them stay but also closing the camps (opposing mandatory detention and offshore processing) in light of Baby Asha being released into community detention for the short term at least. - Crush Plastic. - Our latest find from the street. - For more information on this episode and for links to all of the stories and clips from it, go to: