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Progressive Podcast Australia

Feb 11, 2018

- As with our last Social Justice Warrior Happy Hour on episode 158, on this one we cover a wide range of topics. - We start off by giving a recap of the Invasion Day rally in Melbourne. - We also mention Nicks article Fords Attempts to Moderate the Core of the Civil Rights Movement.- Return of the segment Angela Davis Always Makes Sense, this time on the Black Panther Party.- The government repression of GetUp.- We finish by discussing vegans hijacking the Februdairy campaign from the dairy industry and the Be Fair Be Vegan ad campaign.- We are over half way towards our Crowd Funding goal, please help us reach our full goal. Those donating ten dollars or more can choose which topics we cover on the show this year: For more information on the episode and for links to all of the stories and clips from it, go to: