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Progressive Podcast Australia

Feb 24, 2015

- On this episode Nick is joined by Kim Socha, who is an English professor, grassroots animal liberation activist and author of the book Animal Liberation and Atheism, Dismantling the Procrustean Bed.
- Religion as a conservative human construct.
- The greyhound racing industry.
- Atheism and animals.
- For more...

Feb 17, 2015

- For most of this episode, were joined by Leigh-Chantelle from Viva la Vegan. - Leigh-Chantelle is a vegan, animal rights activist, feminist, singer, songwriter, author and blogger. - She discusses effective online activism, staying positive despite in-fighting in social movements, veganism, animal advocacy...

Feb 11, 2015

- Nick is joined by Aaron from End Queer Lockdown on Manus Island for the entire episode. - The intersections between queer and refugee issues, with the Australian governments policies such as offshore processing of asylum seekers harming refugees as a whole, but queer refugees in particular. - What you can do to oppose...