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Progressive Podcast Australia

Mar 30, 2015

- An intersectional approach to social change means being concerned about all forms of oppression, rather than just focusing on one. - A lack of intersectionality in Patricia Arquettes comments on feminism at the Oscars. - Our talk Intersectionality in Practice, where we discuss our efforts to promote an intersectional...

Mar 19, 2015

- This episode is all about mental health, drawing on Katies personal experiences with mental health issues and Nicks recent mental health first aid course. - Dissecting arguments against medication for mental health. - Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and mental health. - Considering how terms like able-bodied and...

Mar 16, 2015

- Nick is joined by Jordan Halliday and Jeremy Parkin from Which Side Vegan Anarchist podcast for almost the entire episode.
- Jordans time in prison.
- The importance of prisoner support.
- Anarchism and voting.
- The dietary focus of the way veganism is promoted by many animal organisations.
- Scepticism and...

Mar 12, 2015

- Katie is back for this one and were joined by vegan, progressive comedian Myq Kaplan, who will be performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. - The article 10 reasons to go vegan that have nothing to do with animal rights by Lindsay McDougall. - Myq Kaplan on why he became vegan and travelling as a...

Mar 9, 2015

- Nick is joined by Graeme Bowman, who is performing in the comedy show Patriarchy: Where Would We Be Without You and is co-founder of Wise Women Will Save the World. - The importance of addressing patriarchy and the role of art in bringing about social change. - The Smith Street Band. - The possibility of Tony Abbott...