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Progressive Podcast Australia

Sep 24, 2015

- Were joined by politics junkies Jen Perry and Kieran Massie. - The libspill and gender. - Farewell to Tony Abbott. - New Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. - The results of the Canning by-election. - UK politics, Scottish nationalism and socialist backbencher Jeremy Corbyn becoming leader of the...

Sep 13, 2015

- This episode features an interview with Samah Sabawi, a Palestinian Australian Canadian writer and human rights advocate.
- She discusses the ongoing oppression Palestinian people face, even when the bombs are not dropping and most of the media is ignoring the issue.
- Samah Sabawi also leaves us with her powerful...

Sep 3, 2015

- Amnesty International has recently announced that decriminalisation is their official human rights policy on sex work. - We discuss this development, partially drawing on and critiquing an episode of The Minefield on ABC radio. - Decriminalisation is for sex workers not for sex buyers. - Sex work as work. - First...