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Progressive Podcast Australia

Jul 25, 2016

- Katie was on the BBC! You can listen to the segment with her and others discussing racist, misogynist Milo Yiannopoulos being banned from Twitter after harassing Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones, from 24.23-41.50 of this episode of BBC World Have Your Say: - We also discuss...

Jul 6, 2016

- Nick is joined by Jess Ison from the Institute for Critical Animal Studies Oceania for the entire episode. - We start off the episode by discussing the upcoming ICAS Oceania conference, which will be held from Friday September 30 to Saturday October 1 at the University of Canberra. Full details are...

Jul 3, 2016

- Lack of an Australian election result. - Kirsten Bayes on Brexit. - For more information on this episode and for links to all of the stories and clips from it, go to: