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Progressive Podcast Australia

Feb 25, 2018

- The Australian government claims tax cuts for business will lead to higher wages for workers.- Government attempts to move the ABC from government funded media to government run media.- Malcolm Turnbull only agrees to a Banking Royal Commission when the banks ask for it.- The Australian Unions campaign to change the rules and bring fairness back: Join your union!- Thanks to everyone who put us well over our Crowd Funding target! Well be buying a new microphone to improve the sound quality of the show and will also do another video podcast with our new equipment to thank everyone for their support.- Great video from Juice Media on a proposed charity gag law by the Australian government. Please watch and share: - Please encourage the Labor party to reject these laws: Nick interviewed on ABC discussing his article on dogs being property under the law. Nick is on at 23 minutes and 20 seconds into this show: For more information on this episode and for links to all of the stories and clips from it, go to: