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Progressive Podcast Australia

Jul 11, 2013

- The Institute for Critical Animal Studies Oceania 2013 Conference: Animal Liberation and Social Justice, an Intersectional Approach to Social Change.
- What Critical Animal Studies is all about.
- Ghost the dog.
- Art and activism.
- Animal advocacy in Columbia.
- Jess Ison Happy Meat and roaming factory hens: the new neoliberal animal rights.
- Hooning on bikes.
- Livia Boscardin Our common future developing a non-speciesist, critical theory of sustainability.
- Racism and animal experimentation in Aotearoa.
- Visiting A Poultry Place animal sanctuary.
- Nick Pendergrast Veganism Enters the Mainstream. You can view the powerpoint for Nicks talk at this link, just hit play when the talk starts and the slides will change at the right time:
- For links to all of the stories and clips from this episode, and to find links to listen to more of the talks from this conference, go to: