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Progressive Podcast Australia

May 15, 2015

- Were joined by independent journalist Will Potter, author of the book Green is the New Red. - What Green is the New Red refers to, linking the previous red scare about communism to the current green scare about animal and environmental activists. - Repressive laws target both militant and moderate activists. - These laws are creeping into Australia and elsewhere around the world. - The power of corporations. - Coalition building between different social movements united against repressive laws. - Emotional versus physical harm as a result of militant activism. - Proposed anti-protest laws in Western Australia. - Using graphic footage in a way that is consistent with animal liberation. - Will Potters collaboration with punk rock band Rise Against. - The power of punk music in bringing about social change and politicising youth. - For more information on this episode and for links to all of the stories and clips from it, go to: