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Progressive Podcast Australia

Jun 17, 2021

On episode 267 Nick is joined by Nic from Pynk Spots for a DEEP dive into Bo Burnham's musical comedy and what content creators (which is just about everyone in the age of social media!) can learn from his work. We mainly discuss his latest Netflix special Inside but also touch on his previous specials Make Happy and What? Both of these are also available on Netflix. There is also an audio album of the songs from the Inside special that you can check out on all of the usual streaming services: Make sure you subscribe to Pynk Spots on Youtube and your favourite podcast app! The music is all from Bo Burnham! It includes: Content from Inside, Can't Handle This (Kanye Rant) from Make Happy, Comedy from Inside, Dont Wanna Know from Inside and Art is Dead from What? For more information on this episode and for links to all of the stories and clips from it, go to: