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Progressive Podcast Australia

Feb 19, 2022

Episode 277 features Sarah, a Maori wahine living on Dharawal Country, and Criminology researcher, on Indigenous critiques of the movie Dont Look Up (Netflix) and why Indigenous knowledge is so important in creating effective responses to climate change and environmental problems generally.
This episode is also available in video form on Youtube:
This discussion builds on our last episode, which covered Dont Look Up and also the effectiveness of different individual actions for the climate:
Treaty 18 by Yothu Yindi and Gavin Campbell, ft Baker Boy:
Shadows by Briggs ft. Troy Cassar-Daley:
Links from Sarah:
For further info on the significance of Mauna Kea:
To understand Land Back priorities/actions in a Turtle Island context:
Old media articles on the eviction of Indigenous tribes from their ancestral land in India:
Australia's first Indigenous youth climate network:
Links from Nick:
Examples of discussions around Indigenous critiques of Dont Look Up and/or Indigenous contributions to the environmental movement:
Todd, Zoe. 2016. An Indigenous Feminists Take on the Ontological Turn: Ontology is Just Another Word for Colonialism. Journal of Historical Sociology 29:1, 4-22.
Search #dontlookup indigenous on Twitter for more of these discussions.
Sources on whiteness in the environmental movement:
Here is the graph on increased emissions despite major climate agreements that was mentioned at the start of the show:
You can hear Jon, a listener of our show, discuss being Maori AND vegan on episode 202 of our show:
You can also hear Nick discuss sentience and the non-human world (among many other topics) on episode 88 of the Sentientism podcast:
For more in-depth show notes, including additional links, go to:
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