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Progressive Podcast Australia

Jun 27, 2021

On episode 268 we look into state overreach in the arrest of the producer for Youtuber Friendlyjordies by the polices fixated persons unit. For more on this issue, check out this video from Friendlyjordies: We also discuss language that we associate with the Right of politics, like cuck and simp, being used by some on the Left (or at least not on the right), drawing on the example of former Labor leader Bill Shorten calling Prime Minister Scott Morrison a simp: Check out the animal-themed trivia episode on Nicks other show Freedom of Species and please support 3CR Community Radio if you can! Also check out our latest blog post where Nick ranks every sketch from the show I Think You Should Leave: Music: Im Scum by Idles and All Eyes on Me by Bo Burnham. For more information on this episode and for links to all of the stories and clips from it, go to: