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Progressive Podcast Australia

Feb 25, 2023

On episode 289 Nick and Dilan discuss the book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen. We cover: what drew us to Getting Things Done (GTD), how it has benefitted us, some tips from the book and finally critiques of GTD. For more on the GTD book and methodology generally, see:

 This discussion is also available in video form on Youtube here:

 Additional resources covering similar issues:

 Factually! with Adam Conover podcast, Death to Productivity with Oliver Burkeman:

 Article by Cal Newport, The Rise and Fall of Getting Things Done:

 Pynk Spots podcast, How I'm Attempting to Not Feel Like Shit About Myself in 2023:

 Clips: GTD - Life Hacking on The Office, Confidence by Oscar Scheller and Ashnikko.

 For more in-depth show notes, including additional links, go to:

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