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Progressive Podcast Australia

Feb 21, 2021

On episode 262 we discuss the phenomenon of people re-evaluating their work, where they live and their lives generally during the pandemic.
We also cover the way that class and gender has impacted peoples experiences of the pandemic and lockdowns.
Check out Nicks article Do You Identify Or Are You Identified?
We finish the show with some recommendations.
Book recommendation: Thirsty: Confessions of a Fame Whore by comedian Joel Creasey, available in audio book format as well.
Movie recommendations:
The Prom (Netflix), Promising Young Woman, Greenberg, While We're Young, Lady Bird, Mistress America.
Music played: Dollar Signs Tears/Beers/Fears, Bo Burnham Intro from What? , Stella Donnelly 'Beware of the Dogs'.
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