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Progressive Podcast Australia

Nov 26, 2023

On episode 297 Nick and Lottie critique the idea of wanting to stay neutral on the "moving train" of Palestine and Israel - to quote Howard Zinn! Lottie also recommends a bunch of actions that you can take for Palestine. You can see all of the actions she mentions on this episode and more in this Google doc:

 ABC chief is right: impartiality is paramount when reporting the Israel-Gaza war, article by Denis Muller:

 Social media post on Palestine and genocide:

 The IHRA definition of anti-Semitism:

 Freedom of Species podcast episode on Palestinian solidarity:

 Freedom of Species podcast episode Vegans in Solidarity with Palestine, with Laura Schleifer and Leila Dehghan:

 Cruelty Free Super:

 Intro music: Embrace by ItsWatR:

 Outro music: The Blackest Bouquet by Leonell Cassio:

 Both of the above songs are free to use with credit.

 For more in-depth show notes, including additional links, go to: