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Progressive Podcast Australia

Oct 11, 2023

 On episode 295 we discuss how we’re voting in the Voice to Parliament referendum, focusing on the Yes campaign versus the Progressive No. These final thoughts on the Voice build on a previous episode we did on the topic, ‘Voicing Concerns on the Voice to Parliament’, which featured speeches from the 2023 Invasion Day rally:

 Additional links:

 The Uluru Statement From The Heart:

 Lidia Thorpe says voice referendum should be called off and attacks ‘powerless advisory body’ – article on The Guardian:

 Blak Greens Advise Opposing, as Truth and Treaty Must Come Before Voice – blog on Sydney Criminal Lawyers:

 Split emerges in no campaign as Mundine says opposing voice makes treaties more likely – article on The Guardian:

 Interview with Yes Campaigner Jade Ritchie – Serious Danger podcast:

 Far Enough - Vote Yes, video by Briggs:

 Yoorrook for Justice – Report into Victoria’s Child Protection and Criminal Justice Systems:


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 Outro music: The Blackest Bouquet by Leonell Cassio:

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