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Progressive Podcast Australia

Aug 22, 2022

On episode 280 Nick and Lottie continue their obsession with I Think You Should Leave, a sketch comedy show on Netflix. We discuss some of our favourite sketches from series 1 and 2, creating and/or listening to political versus apolitical podcasts and some of our contributions to the ITYSL fandom. Lotties memes cover pinkwashing (specifically corporate co-opting of queer movements) and Nicks are on Duolingo. The sketches we discuss are piece of shit (our combined favourite series 2 sketch), photocopier (one of our biggest agreements in our series 1 rankings, Nick loves this one, Lottie not so much) and Laser Spine Specialists (our combined favourite series 1 sketch). Lottie on ITYSL and pinkwashing: An example of Nicks ITYSL Duolingo memes: Here are our combined series 1 rankings, going from our least favourite down to our most favourite: 29. Christmas Carol 28. Garfield house 27. New Joe 26. Motorcycles 25. Wilson's toupees 24. Fenton's 23. Lifetime achievement award 20. Choking 20. Baby shower 20. Both ways 18. TC tuggers (2 parts) 18. Honk if you're horny 17. Instagram 15. Chunky 15. The man 14. New printer 13. Hot dog guy 11. Which hand 11. Baby of the year 10. Game night 9. Pink bag 8. Has this ever happened to you 7. The day Robert Palins murdered me 6. Bozo (2 parts) 5. Nachos 4. Gift receipt 3. The babysitter 2. Focus group 1. Laser spine specialists You can see our individual rankings of the series 1 sketches as a comment on our blog: You can join in our Twitter thread discussing and debating our series 1 and 2 rankings: If you havent heard it yet, you can check out our last episode What is this Reggie? The Politics of I Think You Should Leave, which is climbing up the global comedy chart! Plugs for more on ITYSL: listen to That's A Chunky podcast, follow @ITYSL_memes on Twitter and check out the Swayzine store on Etsy for ITYSL merch: For those I Think You Should Leave fans who have found us, thanks for listening and hopefully you dont think were pieces of shit! You can subscribe/follow our podcast on your favourite podcast app to be notified of future episodes. If you want to check out a previous episode that has some ITYSL references, a good episode to start with might be Episode 273: This Episode is Problematic! Cancel Culture and Disposable People: Clips/Music: Dangerous Nights song from series 2 of ITYSL (Netflix), Blue Dolphin Burned Down by Dangerous Nights Crew, Panic Attacks in Paradise by Ashnikko, Mr. Brightside by The Killers, Series 1 of ITYSL (Netflix). For more in-depth show notes, including additional links, go to: You can hear Nick and Lottie hosting the music show Rotations on 3CR Community Radio, with the theme of women in music: If you enjoy the music we play on our show, check out our Spotify playlist Progressive Podcast Australia Music and Comedy!