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Progressive Podcast Australia

Mar 12, 2023

On episode 290 we discuss no longer being car-free but still believing cars are the number one enemy, individual and structural actions for sustainable transport and food systems, and visible versus invisible disabilities.

 In discussing how effective different actions are in tackling climate change, we refer to the article The climate mitigation gap: education and government recommendations miss the most effective individual actions by Seth Wynes and Kimberly Nicholas:

 We also do some taste testing of vegan products from the Vegan Grocery Store, featuring: Future Farm Plant-Based Tuna, Chuckie Creme Egg and Hands Off My Chocolate Bites - Candy Choc Crispy.

 This vegan tasting segment is NOT a paid advertisement or sponsored segment or anything like that, it’s just something we felt like doing!

 Music: Who Sold Out Now? by Ignite.

 For more in-depth show notes, including additional links, go to:

 If you enjoy the music we play on our show, check out our Spotify playlist ‘Progressive Podcast Australia Music and Comedy’!