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Even If Podcast with Adrian Ward Jr.

Mar 19, 2024

Embark on a journey of introspection and discovery with Adrian Ward Jr. in the latest episode of "The Even If Podcast" titled "Leadership." Delving into the multifaceted realm of leadership, Adrian offers invaluable insights into the roles of leaders both within the church and the home. Drawing upon his deep well of experience and wisdom, Adrian unpacks the essential characteristics and qualities that distinguish good leaders from the rest. From integrity and humility to vision and empathy, he explores the foundational pillars upon which effective leadership stands. Moreover, Adrian fearlessly addresses the challenging topic of disqualification, shedding light on behaviors and attitudes that undermine one's ability to lead with integrity and grace. Whether you're a seasoned leader or aspiring to step into leadership roles, this episode provides a roadmap for cultivating leadership rooted in authenticity and service. Tune in for illuminating discourse and practical guidance on navigating the path of leadership with purpose and conviction.