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Mindset, Money, & Life for late starters on the journey to Financial Independence

Dec 31, 2023

Matt Richter, the Financial Imagineer, is a personal finance aficionado who joins us from Basel, Switzerland to chat about playing the game of life, managing windfalls, how to live in stealth wealth, and following your Ikigai. 

Matt loves spending time with his family, traveling, brewing beer, and writing on his blog to...

Dec 24, 2023

 Happy Holidays from the Catching Up to FI team! Please enjoy this episode where Bill and Becky share their financial stories with Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench of Bigger Pockets Money, their most listened to episode!

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Dec 17, 2023

Bill and Becky sit down together at Podcast Movement Live to chat about the importance of charitable giving. Giving money may seem difficult, even counterintuitive, if you're a late starter, but there are other ways to give beyond cash; you can also donate your time, talent, and even your car! Bill and Becky list a few...

Dec 10, 2023

Bill and returning guest co-host, Jackie, sit down with Jeff Opdyke to talk about raising financially savvy children as well as the pros and cons of living internationally. 

Jeff was born and raised in South Louisiana but grew up traveling the world and has never really stopped. He spent 17 years covering personal...

Dec 3, 2023

Jennifer Mah is an FI enthusiast, and you can find her wit and wisdom all over many FI social media channels. She is an administrator of the Afford Anything Facebook Group and is active in the Choose FI Community locally and worldwide. Her home base is in the San Diego area where she is an entrepreneurial...