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Widow Life and Money

Mar 2, 2023

Join Daniel in a conversation with Emily Jones of Brave Widow, an organization where young widows can find healing, hope, and the courage to dream again. Emily lost her husband and best friend, Neal, one month before their 20th wedding anniversary in 2021. She was just 37 and the mother of four children, ages 12-21.

In this episode, Emily shares the difficulties of learning household maintenance and new routines while still working full-time and caring for her family. In addition to her own grief, Emily became aware of the different grief styles unique to her children and how family connection and open communication helped her keep them grounded and anchored in their faith in God. 

In this episode:

  • Emily’s Story – If everything goes perfectly, will you marry me?

  • Tragedy does not feel like God’s plan

  • New routines and how does the lawn mower work?

  • Grieving as a family and helping our kids grieve well

  • Finding Your Support Network and Learning how to ask for help

  • New schedules, school activities, and downtime

Selected Links from his episode: 

How to ask for help along with a checklist:

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