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Widow Life and Money

Feb 1, 2023

Join Daniel in a conversation with client and colleague Nan Maurer, who recalls the early and uncertain days of financial decisions within weeks of losing her husband. Questions about healthcare, paying for college, loss of income and the future loomed before her. She knew she needed advice and help to carry it out but had no idea how to choose a professional to help her. 

In this episode, we share the five principles she wishes she had known earlier as she tried to understand the vast and varied landscape of financial services more broadly and how financial advisors work more specifically. These questions might have helped her sleep better in searching for the right financial advisor. We hope they’ll help you! 

In this episode, Daniel shares:

  • Start with your questions
  • Use the right sources to search for an advisor
  • Understand what a fiduciary is and why you need one
  • Find a fee-only advisor
  • Choose a financial advisor who is the right fit for you

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