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Widow Life and Money

Mar 15, 2023

Join us to hear Daniel teach about what widows should know regarding Social Security. It's no secret that Social Security may be in trouble. That news can feel ominous to you as a widow, raising concerns about the reliability of survivor's benefits to help with childcare and retirement. What's more, the rules for social security benefits are complex. But as Daniel will explain, with a little planning, the future is not so bleak.

If you are a recent widow and don't know what to do next, we're here to help you draw a personal map toward making financial decisions that are best for you, organizing your way through the brain fog of grief, and seeking the relational support you need to heal at your own pace. You are not alone. 

In this episode, Daniel shares:

  • If Social Security is running out

  • How Social Security works

  • How Social Security benefits widows with children

  • How to navigate tax considerations and employment

  • Thinking through the best strategies when claiming Social Security  

Selected Links from this episode 

Understanding how Social Security credits work

Who is entitled to benefits 

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