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Pod Casty For Me

Jun 30, 2024

Surprise, listeners! Jake went to a Clint-related estate sale recently and we had to tell you all about it ASAP. Ian's hearing all of this for the first time on mic, too. We'll post all the photos over on our Patreon feed, unlocked for everybody. Enjoy!

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Jun 28, 2024

"I want him to stop. I can't take the pain. The voices and the pain." No, those aren't the words of our listeners - they're the words of Jesus Christ as written by Paul Schrader! Understand your confusion, though. Today we're genuflecting before Martin Scorsese's highly controversial 1988 film THE LAST TEMPTATION...

Jun 21, 2024

Death to the fascist insect that preys upon the life of the podcast! Just playing, nobody preys upon us. But we're back in Symbionese Liberation Army territory this week to talk Paul Schrader's 1988 biopic PATTY HEARST! Join us for a spirited conversation about Natasha Richardson, Ving Rhames, the movie's angle on...

Jun 14, 2024

This is an unlocked bonus episode from our Patreon feed, Paid Costly For Me.

Here's some hidden gold for ya: the damned Pod Casty For Me Patreon feed! No, for real. Let's be for real now. Today we're finishing up the Man With No Name trilogy with the final and best film of the lot, Sergio Leone's 1966 Civil War...

Jun 7, 2024

1..2..3..4! Pretty rock and roll way to start an episode description, I thought. This week we're absolutely shredding (guitar term) through a discussion of Paul Schrader's understandably underseen 1987 struggling rock band sibling melodrama film, LIGHT OF DAY, and joining us are our great pals Ryan and Este from the...