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Pod Casty For Me

Mar 24, 2023

Put up your dukes! We're turning EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE this episode to talk about James Fargo's 1978 bare-knuckle boxing hangout road trip orangutan movie, which we both like many parts of while still somehow not really enjoying the film. There's also plenty of San Fernando Valley history, Nazi biker discussion (critical), and Jake tells a story about a moviegoer so rude she sent him spiraling into despair. Give it a listen!

Topics include: SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT, the American Humane Association, allegations of animal mistreatment on the set of this film (sort of), Las Vegas ape act impresario Bobby Berosini, the weirdness of animal rights people who aren't also human rights people, PETA's whole deal, a largely apocryphal history of the Palomino Club, more Locke Talk, movies with low stakes, The Gene LeBell Story, Beverly D'Angelo, and, for no particular reason, here's a list of bail funds.

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