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Pod Casty For Me

Apr 7, 2023

Gather round, little pards: the BRONCO BILLY episode's in town! Join Ian "Handsy Bill" Rhine and Jake "Steel Arlo" Serwin as they talk Clint Eastwood's 1980 Capraesque neo-western comedy, the history of wild west shows, the famous Scatman Crothers story, and get into an argument about THE FABELMANS, of all things. It's a good one!

Topics include: the Romy Mars Tiktok, workplace safety, a new edition of Runny News, which GRANDPA movie is which, Damien Chazelle's BABYLON, production designer Gene Lourie, face masks, Sitting Bull, analyze the film in conversation with Altman's BUFFALO BILL AND THE INDIANS, and much more.

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