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Pod Casty For Me

Apr 21, 2023

We are writing this episode description directly via thought waves! Also typing!

It's the FIREFOX episode, folks, and we're talking all about the 1982 Cold War mind-controlled spyplane thriller some have called "Clint Eastwood's STAR WARS," which is funny to do! Join us for a daring infiltration of the film's real-life inspirations, the particular early-Reagan geopolitical climate in which it was made, and the sundry White House creeps Clint rubbed elbows with at the Kennedy Center premiere. 

Topics include: Taking a Gander, our fondness for practical effects, Jake finds a way to bring up Back to the Future: The Ride, PTSD, PASSENGER 57, Soviet dissidents, the SR-71 Blackbird, Hollywood depictions of life in the USSR, the largely-European cast's other credits, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT (obviously), the absence of comparable Soviet action spy thrillers, the fabled summer of 1982, FIRST BLOOD, paramilitary weirdo Bo Gritz, and more!

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