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Pod Casty For Me

Jun 9, 2023

[update: fixed an audio issue] It's the episode you've all been begging for: by popular demand, we're covering "Vanessa in the Garden," the 22-minute episode of Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories anthology television series directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Sondra Locke! Join us as we fully break down mentally trying to squeeze a drop of blood from this stone. This audio will probably be entered into a court case as evidence someday, so listen now while it's still cool and underground!!

Topics include: Steven Spielberg, Errol morris's MR. DEATH, Harvey Keitel, Beau Bridges, anthology television, Jake's distaste for UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, the sexual politics of the "muse," somehow the unmade Roger Rabbit sequel/prequel where he fights in World War II, and more!

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