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Pod Casty For Me

Jun 23, 2023

Opinions are like podcasts: everybody's got one. Pretty good reference to the film, if you ask me. We're diving in to Buddy Van Horn's 1988 finale to the Dirty Harry series, THE DEAD POOL, with podcasting's #2 expert on late '80s San Francisco, Jesse Thorn! He's also the host of NPR's Bullseye and the podcast Jordan Jesse Go, and the founder of Maximum Fun, now a worker-owned cooperative. We get into the San Francisco of the movies, the unaddressed trauma all around Harry Callahan, and talk with Jesse about the process of transitioning his podcast network to a co-op. Real proud of this one, gang. Please check it out!

Topics include: whale watching, an appreciation of Blaine Capatch, working with people who've worked with Mr. Eastwood, Liam Neeson's silly accent, Denmark, Jim Carrey, spoilers for MICHAEL CLAYTON, relatedly Jake gets in trouble for still not having seen ANDOR, ventriloquist dummy and SFPD officer Brendan O'Smarty, DARKMAN, celebrity death pools, Deadpool (the Ryan Reynolds one), THE POPE'S EXORCIST, Jesse's decision to transition the Maximum Fun podcast network to an employee-owned cooperative, and the 2011 GQ profile of Rick Ross.

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