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Pod Casty For Me

Jan 20, 2023

This week we're talking about the little-remembered 1972 western JOE KIDD, starring Clint Eastwood, directed by John Sturges, and written by Elmore Leonard. We'd never heard of it either, but our viewing of the film led to a great discussion of the real person who inspired the story, the New Mexican land grant activist Reies López Tijerina.

Topics include: courtroom appearances, school dances, Tijerina's 1967 armed raid on the courthouse at Tierra Amarilla, the frustrating legacy of misogyny in activist groups, roles for women in westerns, calculating how much money people in old movies are actually talking about, that stupid-looking gun the one guy has, Clint's Splinter Cell moves, the complicated intersections of liberation movements and religious groups, and allergies.

[Heads up: we had an audio mix-up on this recording, so Ian sounds a little funny on this one. Totally listenable, just sounds lousy. And if you think the audio quality is bad, wait until you hear the words this guy's saying! Hey, come on, I'm joking around. Hey!]


For further reading, here's the great article on Tijerina's legacy that we mention in the episode:


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