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Pod Casty For Me

Aug 18, 2023

We're back to discuss what might be Clint Eastwood's finest work, 1993's surrogate father crime film A PERFECT WORLD, with best friends (and Blank Check social media maven and filmmaker, respectively) Chadd Harbold and Marie Bardi! Let us gently abduct you and take you on a journey of Kevin Costner hotness debate, Clint's regrets as a father, talk about his working methods with people who have actually been on film sets, and our long-awaited engagement with the Official Clint Eastwood Twitter kerfuffle(s). Get in the damn car with us already.


Topics include: Peter Hyams auterism, dad stuff, the films of John Lee Hancock, relatedly SO much Lights Camera Jackson talk, Jehovah's Witnesses, Frances Fisher and Francesca Eastwood, forgotten Jewish family comedies, a long detour into Seltzer Talk, Steven Soderbergh, and more!


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