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Pod Casty For Me

Jan 27, 2023

We're wandering into the pod feed out of thin air to talk HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER (1973), Clint Eastwood's second film as director and still one of his very best. We also recorded this one in person, so, it's, uh, better maybe? Could also be worse. Leave me out of it!

[Content heads-up: the film depicts sexual violence and we discuss that in this episode. Something to keep in mind when deciding when and where to listen to it.]


Topics include: AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER, Jake's special haircut story, the film's relationship to High Noon, talk smack about stupid film by a bad man EL TOPO, some questions about the upcoming movie about Spider-Man's nemesis Kraven the Hunter, and a broader conversation about communal responsibility and bogus invocations of the debunked "bystander effect" by people who ultimately just want more cops.


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