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Pod Casty For Me

Oct 20, 2023

Get in the ring, listeners! We're going toe-to-toe with MILLION DOLLAR BABY, Clint Eastwood's 2004 Best Picture winning boxing drama, and we're joined by producer and Hollywood big-wig Jarrod Murray! It's all here, baby: race and class in boxing and the boxing film, the response from voices for disability rights, Hilary Swank's career since her Oscar, the whole Paul Haggis thing, Irish terms of endearment, whatever Jay Baruchel is doing. Listen to this one or we won't tell you how they get the ice in the water bottle!

Topics include: real life nice boxing women, Paul Haggis's self-mythologizing, Clint showing his ass re: accessibility ramps, Fry's Electronics, Taylor Swift, when Woody Woodpecker was Universal Studios's Mickey Mouse, and Jake gets revenge on TMZ.

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