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Pod Casty For Me

Nov 24, 2023

I am the captain of my freaking PODCAST, more like! This week we're talking Clint Eastwood's 2009 true-story South African rugby drama INVICTUS, and Jake's other friend Ian - Ian Green - is joining the scrum! You might call this episode "IANVICTUS" if you weren't concerned about SEO or whatever!!! We're talking accents, sports movies, Nelson Mandela's legacy, the bad music, whether Clint really wanted to make this movie, and more. Plus, a quiz segment that goes perfectly, no issues at all with the quiz segment. Check it out, okes! Hope that's OK to say, not at all confident.

Topics include: Ian Green's experiences attending pro rugby games, who we'd want to play us in a movie, Jake takes a few swings at an Afrikaner accent, historical context missing from the film, connections to modern apartheid in Palestine, whether this should just have been a documentary, and we talk about the "Mandela effect" for like five seconds because that's all it deserves.

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