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Pod Casty For Me

Dec 22, 2023

Oh, what an ep! We're singing in beautiful harmony about Clint's 2014 Broadway adaptation JERSEY BOYS with returning guest Marie Bardi-Salinas (now with extra last name)! Join us as we talk directly to the camera about jukebox musicals, New Jersey's cultural dominance in the 2000s, falsetto masculinity, and why exactly Clint was the one to make this movie. Plus, Ian gets mad at Jake for liking this movie despite claiming that he doesn't like musicals only for Marie to mostly talk him out of liking it that much. A real fun one, gang - listen to it or you aren't from Jersey.

Topics include: our high school bands, late December 1963, The Sopranos, the Philadelphia-Jersey connection, Marshall Brickman, a bunch of real-life mob guys, a humiliating relitigation of Jake's pronunication of "Pulitzer," the Beach Boys, and a good chunk of Jersey Shore talk.

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