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Pod Casty For Me

Feb 10, 2023

A man's got to know his limitations...and that's why we started a podcast! This ep we go deep on Ted Post's 1973 film MAGNUM FORCE, the first sequel to DIRTY HARRY and a fascinating piece of equivocation and reaction-to-the-reaction. We'll also check in with Ian's enemy goose in another edition of Taking A Gander, and Jake has a new segment about Pauline Kael. ACAB, Google LASD Gangs, stay safe out there.

Topics include: the 1970s epidemic of skyjacking, US-sponsored death squads in Latin America, Harry Callahan's sexual magnetism, the history of gangs within the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the many vigilante films that followed DIRTY HARRY, unrelatedly AUSTIN POWERS: THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME, a brief aside about Darth Vader, and much, much more.

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