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Pod Casty For Me

Feb 17, 2023

Ladies and gentlemen...we got 'im. A guest, that is! Today the lovely and talented Forrest Tiffany (@forresttiffany) joins us to talk Michael Cimino's 1974 road trip bank heist film THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT. We welcome Geoffrey Lewis and George Kennedy to the Pod Casty cast of guys and investigate what this film has to say about American masculinity halfway through the 70s. There is also a quiz at the end.

Topics include: the real-life highwaymen who inspired the book that inspired the movie that inspired this movie, convertibles, what's in Montana, Jeff Bridges in drag, exactly who pistachio ice cream is for, how easy it seems like getting a (lousy) job used to be, Ian's reading of the film with respect to Melville's Billy Budd, and the photo on the Wikipedia page for Michael Cimino.

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