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Pod Casty For Me

Mar 3, 2023

We got ourselves a juicy new episode and we're spitting it at your dog! Sorry! We shouldn't do that, it's mean. Anyway time to talk THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES with our friend, labor attorney Eric Markovits (@thechancegiver). We all scrambled to become Civil War scholars in a week to make sense of the politics here, so you're welcome. Settle in for a hell of a ride once we get talking about the guy who wrote the book, too. Enjoy the show! Buzzards gotta listen to podcasts, same as worms!

Topics include: Bleeding Kansas, ANIMAL HOUSE, Chief Dan George, Geraldine Keams, Lost Cause bullshit, the DGA's "Eastwood Rule," not Sondra Locke really because that'll be on THE GAUNTLET episode, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and more!

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