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Pod Casty For Me

Mar 22, 2024

We're back with the second part of our discussion of Martin Scorsese's TAXI DRIVER. Join us for more on the film's engagement with race and gender, Jodie Foster's performance, Travis Bickle's cinematic children, and the John Hinckley, Jr. of it all.

Further Reading:

Taxi Driver: BFI Film Classics by Amy Taubin

"Manhattan Transference: Ashley Clark on Taxi Driver"

An Assassin's Diary by Arthur Bremer

Further Viewing:

LE FEU FOLLET (Malle, 1963)

THE KING OF COMEDY (Scorsese, 1982)

SPREE (Kotlyarenko, 2020)

"Top 10 Wisconsin Dells Haunted Houses For Free Pulled Pork"/"PVC Feces Rig Tour (Home Made) #vanlife" (O'Malley/Resnick, 2021)

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