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Pod Casty For Me

Mar 29, 2024

Pucker up, listeners - Daddy's here! That's right: accomplished Brian De Palmist and official Daddy of the show, Hit Factory co-host Aaron Casias, is back to help us unpack De Palma's Schrader-scripted 1976 VERTIGO riff OBSESSION! We kind of did a one-episode De Palma podcast, honestly, because there's a bit more BDP here than Paul Schrader. Join us for more Bernard Herrmann talk, more Geneviève Bujold talk (from TIGHTROPE, remember?), and very informed New Orleans opinions. Check it out! You don't really have to watch the movie tbh!!!

Topics include: Vilmos Zsigmond, Hitchcock riff, Tony Scott's DEJA VU, voyeurism, women in genre film, "The New South", Cliff Robertson being a pain in the ass, OLDBOY, Aaron's impassioned plea for us to cover BDP, and only a little bit of bathroom talk, we promise.

Further Reading:

Hollywood from Vietnam to Reagan by Robin Wood

"Repeat Performance": Brad Westcott on Obsession


Further Viewing:

VERTIGO (1958)

DEJA VU (2006)

DE PALMA (2015)


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