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Protecting Your Radius Podcast

May 18, 2023

This episode was a LONG one... over 40 minutes of really in-depth conversations about concrete getting on posts, crews not cleaning said posts, sloppy work in general, slacking installers not putting up a fence correctly... and arguing with the customer?!?  Then wrapping the conversations up talking about our partners at OZARK WIREWORKS and some of the awesome things we've figured out from using thier products.  Ozark WireWorks is built for fencing professionals BY fencing professionals. Since 1955 the Everest family, and the Ozark brand, have been building fence in Southwest MIssouri. They saw a need in the market for quality chain link wire produced in a timely manner.

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Nathan and Donnie work for the fastest growing fence company in the Tulsa, Oklahoma metroplex. See all of their projects and more at or find them on Facebook and Instagram @radiustulsa

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