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Esoteric Soup

Jan 31, 2023

Welcome to episode 2 of Esoteric Soup: A spiritualty podcast on all things Esoteric, Divergent, and Alternative. In this episode I have the honor of interviewing the Rev. Deacon Angie Wisk-Nowell.

Angie was raised in a non-religious family but has been captivated by spirituality for as long as she can remember. She has practiced various of forms of Christianity ranging from Evangelical, Mystical, and Gnosticism.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master of Business Administration. She lives with her husband and two small children in Calgary, Alberta. Her primary areas of study are traditional astrology, the tarot and feminine mysticism.


Apostolic Johannite Church.

Ancient Apostolic Church of Alexandria.

This podcast is hosted by Archbishop David Oliver Kling of the Ancient Apostolic Church of Alexandria.