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Uncontested Investing

Nov 28, 2023

John Beacham is the founder and CEO of Toorak Capital Partners, a company that works with lenders across the US and UK to originate business-purpose loans. He has decades of experience in leading financial institutions and building successful businesses and he is with us on the show to talk about things that we need to be focused on in today’s market if we want to succeed as investors.


Listen now to learn more from an expert in financing and real estate investing, so you can be prepared to make better decisions for your business!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

00:50 Who is John Beacham?

02:36 What should real estate investors today be focusing on?

04:47 What is the story behind Toorak Capital Partners?

10:36 Where did the idea of DSCR loans come from?

13:25 What are the benefits of being a single-family investor?

16:58 What do the opportunities look like in property management?

19:31 Where does John’s passion for real estate come from?

22:52 What role do investors play in the American dream?

25:54 How are investors today navigating the economic changes brought by inflation?

28:15 What is John’s advice for investors with bad deals in today’s market?

30:48 What is John’s take on today’s interest rates?

32:56 What should investors be focusing on to prepare for 2024?

34:33 What opportunities should investors be looking out for in today’s market?

36:37 Where does John see the real estate industry going?

39:27 What are investors today more focused on?

41:47 What is John’s advice to investors and entrepreneurs today?

43:09 Why is it important to break the stigma of hard money lending?




“Don’t think about necessarily what it is, but think about what it could be.”


“Single-family is unique as an asset class because you really have two different and somewhat independent sets of buyers.”


“You don’t necessarily need to have a college education, but you need to have a good work ethic and a good business sense in order to buy and renovate properties.” 




Website: RCN Capital 


Website: REI INK