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Uncontested Investing

Nov 14, 2023

Chuck Hattemer is the co-founder and CMO of Poplar Homes, a nationwide property management company based in California. Chuck and his team are focused on helping mom-and-pop investors across the country manage their properties better by giving them access to institutional power and he is with us today to talk about the importance of effective property management systems and how Poplar Homes is helping solve issues in property management today! 


Listen now to learn more about Poplar Homes, what’s going on in property management, and how you can better manage your rentals as a real estate investor today!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

00:58 Who is Chuck Hattemer?

03:35 What should real estate investors be focused on in today’s market?

07:04 What makes someone a mom-and-pop investor?

10:41 Why is Poplar Homes focused on serving mom-and-pop investors?

13:33 How did Chuck get involved in student housing while he was in college?

16:01 What was the turning point that led Chuck to property management?

19:55 What made Chuck decide to focus on the customer’s pain points?

23:50 What is the biggest challenge in property management?

28:02 Why is maintenance one of the most significant concerns in property management?

30:35 How is Poplar Homes changing maintenance management for investors?

33:53 What aspects of property management still need improvement?

40:45 What is Chuck’s advice for real estate investors today?

45:00 How does Poplar Homes help investors manage their rentals better?

49:01 Where can you learn more about Poplar Homes and how they can help you?




“We kinda approached it from the consumer, the renter perspective first and it was a problem that all of our peers were talking about.”


“That was all about this philosophy of don’t over-optimize and don’t build before you know exactly what the customer wants and what the pain points are.”

“So many opportunities that come up in my experience, in our business, have come up because we’ve knocked on that extra door. We’ve asked the tough question when the time has run out to a mentor or to someone we want to make a deal with.”




Website: Poplar Homes


LinkedIn: Chuck Hattemer


Website: RCN Capital 


Website: REI INK